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Who is The Racery?

We have assembled an eclectic group of like minded people...

Abdo Elbassal, General Manager

When did you start working at the Racery? March of 2016

How many bikes do you own? 2, a 2014 Focus Raven 29er Shimano XT, and a 2016 S-Works Tarmac Super Record EPS

What is your dream bike? Salsa Mukluk

What do you like about working at the Racery?

I love working with our team, we are very dynamic bunch, with a passion for making The Racery the most successful second hand bike e-retailer

Describe thyself

I was born in Port Said, Egypt, where I was raised for 13 years before moving here to Minnesota. I have been playing soccer since I could walk and kick a ball, I rode my first bicycle when I was 2 years old. In my free time, I play the bass, the guitar, and DJ on electronic turntables. Ironically, I'm more of a car person than a bike person. I own a 94 honda civic project car, I drive a sporty Mazda 3 right now, and my dream car is a 1968-69 Dodge Charger R/T.


Jake Mercado, Inventory Manager

When did you start working at the Racery? Jan of 2017

How many bikes do you own? 0

What is your dream bike? Vintage Fuji Frame custom build

What do you like about working at the Racery? The relaxed environment 

Describe thyself:

Wisconsin born and raised. Rap enthusiast. Avid watcher of the Food Network. Taking every day as it comes. 


Christian SundquistPhotographer

When did you start working at the Racery? December 2016

How many bikes do you own?

9 bikes.

Jamis Nemesis MTB, 1991 Trek 2300 Shimano 600, 1984 Raleigh USA Team Super Course 10spd Shimano 105, All-City Thunderdome, 2008 Giant TCX 1, 2011 Giant TCX Advanced SL, 2012 Blue Norcross, 2013 Diamond Back Podium Equipe, 2010 Unknown LV1. 

What is your dream bike? 2017 Ridley X-Night SL

What do you like about working at the Racery?

I like touching and taking photos of all the pros pretty bikes.

Describe thyself

Elite Track and Cyclocross racer from MN. I also like to ride MTB for fun. I have been riding bikes all of my life starting in elementary school with BMX. I hope some day to place top-ten in a UCI sanctioned race. My other passion in life is Documentary Filmmaking.


Chass Uthe, Sales Rep

When did you start working at the Racery? I actually just started at The Racery!

How many bikes do you own? 

I own 3 bikes!  I have a Trek Boone 5, A Trek Stache 7 And a SandM Tallboy

What is your dream bike?

OOFDA that's tough. I ride all disciplines of cycling and I believe that all bikes are super rad. It's hard to narrow it down to just one dream bike. I'll just take them all please! 

What do you like about working at the racery?

sought out The Racery because the people I get to help out are looking for state of the art bikes! I get the honor of helping them down the path to an amazing bike. To me theres not a better feeling then that. Getting someone so excited to get out and ride their dream bike. The folks here at The Racery are a group of rad individuals and it makes it a very awesome place to be. 

Describe thyself

Well ever since I was a young kid I was always into bmx and knew how to get rad!( no, but for real)  Bikes have always been a passion of mine and I will forever love being around them. I've been working in the bicycle industry for nearly a decade and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon! outside of bikes, some other hobbies or passions of mine would include photography and finding any trails along the way to ride. I do a lot of urban exploring or chasing sunsets. I prefer to ride a mountain bike around simply because you can get rad at anytime! I fell in love with Volvos in the past year and own a 1995 850 wagon. it's been another hobby of mine to fix old things and make them work as best as possible too! 




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