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Road Bike Sizing Guide

Getting the right road bike sizing is essential when buying a new bike. An improper fit will not only be uncomfortable and make it harder to ride, but there is a safety issue as well. The Racery sells road bikes of all sizes, so you can be sure there will be one that fits you perfectly.

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What Size Of Road Bike Do I Need?
Depending on the manufacturer, road bike sizes are measured in inches or centimeters, and it's important to know what size you should buy. It's relatively simple if you have an existing road bike and you know its dimensions; however, keep in mind that different manufacturers have variances that may mean you need a different size.
The easiest way to choose your size is by measuring your inseam. Manufacturers will frequently list the proper size based on these measurements. However, it might be worthwhile to visit a bike shop in order to get your proper road bike size. That will allow you to ensure you choose the right road bike size for you.

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