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Road Bike Sizing Guide

Getting the right road bike sizing is essential when buying a new bike. An improper fit
will not only be uncomfortable and make it harder to ride, but there can be safety issues as
well (toe overlap of the front wheel, too stretched out or to cramped).
The Racery sells road bikes of all sizes, so you can be sure there will be one that fits you perfectly.

We've developed a quick easy tool if you need a generalized size. All you need to know is your height and inseam and you can get a good idea of the range of sizes to shop for. We do recommend a professional fit for specific purchases, but this will help steer you in the right direction

Road Bike Sizing Calculator >>
What Size Of Road Bike Do I Need?
Depending on the manufacturer, road bike sizes are measured in inches or centimeters, and it's important to know what size you should buy. It's relatively simple if you have an existing road bike and you know its dimensions; however, keep in mind that different manufacturers have variances that may mean you need a different size.

The easiest way to choose your size is by measuring your inseam. Manufacturers will frequently list the proper size based on these measurements. However, it might be worthwhile to visit a bike shop in order to get your proper road bike size. That will allow you to ensure you choose the right road bike size for you.
At The Racery we strive to help our customers attain the best ride they have ever had. While the cost to get custom fit to a bike may initially seem like a lot, it has been proven that getting your Bike Sized correctly will improve your ride substantially.
Insight from the Racery Team
We put together the Road Bike Sizing calculator to get you started, insuring that you purchase the proper size frame and proper sized cranks. There is much more than just a few simple measurements to get you on the right size bike. The Racery works with local fit experts who can help you understand how the bike should fit, how you should feel on the bike and that even though people

want to ride like the pros it’s more important to insure proper fit and comfort on the bike that matches your own physiology and riding style. Here are some of the key points to note as you are trying to determine how to set up your road bike:

  1. Make sure your bike cleats are both positioned correctly.

  2. Ensure your saddle is set right. The height of the saddle as well as the position of the saddle on the seat post can be adjusted to insure a proper fit.

  3. The stem of your bike is an easy thing to adjust, are you to stretched out? To hunched over and getting back pain? Try a shorter stem or invert your stem so it is positioned up as opposed to angled down.

    A lot of us want to look like pros on our bikes yet we aren’t as flexible, nor do we train or race like pro’s, so make sure your fit is one that is comfortable to you and your own unique riding style.
    Other key points are to make sure with your hands on the drops your elbow and knee slightly overlap and you feel no pain in your upper back and shoulders. These are just some of the things you should keep in mind as you are deciding on the right size frame.

    Placement of the various components that make up a good fit and insure a comfortable ride only come with experience and an understanding of your physiology. The Racery is committed to making sure our customers understand Bike Sizing and get the right ride. Going faster is always a top priority but going faster comfortably is just as important.

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