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Pro Tested at The Racery



At The Racery we are committed to bringing you to your next level of riding. We sell new and used pro tested bikes, bringing you the chance to continue the story of a bike that has seen what it takes to win at the highest level or write a story of your own. Our used pro tested bikes are sourced from the teams that have ridden them. Having conquered the world’s toughest roads, competing on L’Aple d’Huez, or in the streets of the Champs-Élysées these bikes have been thoroughly tested for you. Whether you are looking for a time trial, road, mountain or cross bike, we offer a full range of race-ready bikes to get you riding at the next level.

The pros have written their stories into our bikes, and now it’s time to write yours. We bring you the chance to continue that story, to make yourself part of the tradition of cycling. Don't just ride like the pros, ride on the very bikes the pros have ridden themselves. Our used pro tested bikes are proven to be good enough to win at the highest level, these bikes are equipped with components and team colors not always available to the public. Don’t just buy a used bike when a pro tested bike can take you so much further. We are committed to helping you write your own story, achieving that next KOM, and dropping the group for your ride into glory, we are The Racery.

Looking for something new or different? We also carry new bikes, demo bikes, PARTS, and APPAREL. Many of our products are difficult to find, our used pro tested bikes are like new and ready to see action on the road or the trail.



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