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Few bikes are as sophisticated, well-designed, and optimized, for high-speed racing like Specialized road bikes. The S-Works line, by specialized, was designed for high performance road bikers, and are a favorite across the world. From the occasional weekend rider to the competitive cyclist these bikes can be found almost anywhere you go. 


The Venge formed for aerodynamic advantage, gives you a superior machine that works as one seamless formed machine. The Tarmac on the other hand is built to sprint, corner, and descend with uniform excellence across every size. At the Racery we carry a wide variety of used Specialized road bikes that we source from the pros who have used them. These road bikes have been lovingly taken care of by professional pro team mechanics throughout their life, and are then put through a strenuous inspection to insure they are ready for their next ride. We carry a variety of Used Specialized road bikes including the s-works Venge and Tarmac.

To equalize performance, specialized found that each size's performance targets required direct specificity. This means that, for every frame size, each tube size & carbon layup is specifically selected with the collected data in mind. The result? The optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness across every frame size.

What does this mean to you? No matter if you're riding a 61cm or a 49cm, you're going to experience the world's best ride, tailored specifically to you. Read more about Rider First at


Specialized road bikes are precision-engineered machines, using high-quality components and materials. These bikes are built to last and getting a new specialized road bike can set you back more than a month or two of your salary. These bikes are well oiled machines and taken care of can last a lifetime.

While buying, a used bike comes with caution, the used specialized bikes sold at The Racery are not used bikes in the traditional sense of the word, these are pro tested used bikes. They have been taken care of over their life by the pros after which they come to us for final inspection and to your door at a significant discount to buying a new specialized road bike.

The Racery Has the Best Used Specialized Road Bikes for Sale All our bikes, whether used or having served as demo model, are put through our rigorous 55-point inspection program to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our selection of used road bikes is always evolving. When you have a need to race down the open road, you can be sure that The Racery has the bike you need!

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