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Cannondale road bikes are synonymous with championship pedigree, and to say that their bikes are quality products is a vast understatement. They represent an unrivaled approach to design innovation that leads the pack to this day. Buying a used Cannondale road bike is a wise investment, as the genuine article will last you for years to come.

A Company Built On Innovation

Cannondale has always been about innovation in the sport of cycling, and over the years their products have become game changers. From offering the first bike-towed trailer to creating some of the world's most widely imitated designs, Cannondale has become a legend in the cycling universe.

Their first product, the Bugger, was launched in 1971. The first of its kind child-toting bike trailer was a unique idea at the time, and it cemented the company's reputation as a repository of new ideas.

In 1983, the company introduced the first oversized aluminum frame, a market that had been up to that point dominated by steel. With aluminum frames came the ability to craft bikes that were relatively lightweight yet strong, offering a stiffness that steel can't match. They quickly became a dominant aluminum frame manufacturer at a time when aluminum bikes were handmade in small quantities.

Cannondale kept pushing the boundaries of design innovation in the 1990s. Starting with the introduction of the HeadShok, a unique shock absorption system that integrated a suspension fork into the head tube, the company led the way with cycling inventions that are used by many manufacturers to this day.

Later in the decade, they continued the trend with the award-winning Super V, a bike design that was not only universally lauded for its originality but would become the most widely copied style in the history of cycling.

In the early 2000s, the company introduced the Lefty, an iconic single-sided front suspension that was lighter and stronger than any other fork system available.

A Championship Tradition

The great thing about buying a used Cannondale road bike is that you never know who may have ridden it in the past. Cannondale bikes have a long history of high-level cycling competition, and it's a distinct possibility that the used bike you buy may have been part of it.

In the 1990s Cannondale would become the first U.S. company to sponsor a European pro team, the Saeco team, which would see Mario Cipollini win four consecutive stages in the 1999 Tour de France on a Cannondale road bike. The team would go on to win the Giro d'Italia five times, proving the superiority of aluminum frames over steel.

In 2013, Jerome Clementz would make history riding a Cannondale Jekyll, with which he would win the inaugural Enduro World Championships.

Why You Should Buy Used Cannondale Road Bikes From Us

Every used Cannondale road bike sold by The Racery is more than just a great set of wheels. It has a story behind it. These bikes have raced in championships, have felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. They've been to battle and have lived to tell about it. They are a piece of racing history.

Our selection of used Cannondale road bikes for sale are subjected to our rigorous 55-point inspection plan and lovingly refurbished. We only deal in the finest quality used road bikes, so you know that you're getting a premier bicycle.

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