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Used Time Trial Bikes

When you have a need for absolute speed, a regular bike just won't cut it. You need a bike that is sublimely engineered to give you that competitive edge during a triathlon or road time trial; a bike that's a precision-tuned instrument designed for one purpose - to go very, very fast. When blazing speed is of the essence, and when the stopwatch is your enemy, a used time trial bike is for you.

Let's examine what makes these bikes so special, and why buying a used time trial bike is an excellent investment.

What You Should Know About Used Time Trial Bikes

Time trial bikes marry cutting edge design techniques with the latest in technological materials to produce the ultimate in aerodynamic form. They incorporate a set of unique features that will allow you to travel faster than you've ever imagined, and to compete with the pros.

Here's a sample of some of the differences in a time trial bike that make the fastest type of bicycle on the planet.

  • Time trial bikes feature an aerodynamic shape designed to reduce drag and slice through the air. It takes advantage of a unique airfoil profile to reduce wind resistance at all contact points. When riding a time trial bike you'll feel as if the air gets out of your way.
  • Aero bars, a type of handlebar shaped to again reduce drag. Aero bars have a very low profile, are swept forward, and are much smaller than traditional handlebars. These can add up to a kilometer or two per hour all on their own.
  • A unique gear range offers higher gears giving the rider the ability to pedal faster at higher speeds. When you need powerfully short bursts of speed, you'll know it will be there for the taking.
  • Aerodynamically-shaped disc wheels reduce drag. They also get more power to the ground due to the amount of energy going through the carbon fiber structure that doesn’t get lost from hub to spokes to rim.

The precision-crafted geometry of a used time trial bike is what makes it special. In fact, they tend to be a little heavier than road bikes since there is less of a focus on weight and more attention paid to aerodynamics.

These bikes are designed to travel in a straight line as fast as possible. Because of their shape and profile, they don't have the same type of handling ability as a road bike.

They're also designed to lower the profile of the rider, who operates it in a tucked forward position. This position reduces wind resistance, although it requires the use of a different muscle group than the uninitiated user may be used to. It's perfect for the conditioned athlete, looking to push their performance to the limit.

Why You Should Buy A Used Time Trial Bike From Us

Time trial bikes are, by their nature, expensive. The precision-crafted components, advanced engineering, and specialized manufacturing mean you can expect to pay a pretty penny for a new one.

Buying a used time trial bike allows you to maximize the bike's features while working within your budget. And buying a second hand time trial bike from us gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you're getting a premier-quality bike that's been through our rigorous 55-point inspection process, and has been carefully cleaned and refurbished.

Many bikes have a story to tell, and ours have more than most. Some of our time trial bikes have won championships, traveled faster, and have overcome obstacles. Each one of our bikes has character and most have a unique story behind them.

Travel faster than ever before with a used time trial bike from The Racery, and maybe carry a piece of history with you.

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