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What You Should Know About Used Road Bikes

Road bikes are the quintessential bike for pushing the envelope. In addition to evoking a sleek and contoured design, there are few types of bicycles that can match the sheer joy, comfort, and speed that the road bike delivers.

Designed for speed on paved roads, road bikes offer a particular profile focused on delivering balanced operation married with an aerodynamic shape. The wheels and tires are usually narrower, allowing for lower rolling resistance levels and greater maximum speed.

It's hard to match the efficiency they offer. Road bikes generally feature more versatility in speeds than other types of bikes, allowing greater ease of use on all types of grades while giving you the power you need, when you need it. Gearing and operating options range from 10 speed rear clusters to high tech electronic shifting systems.

A bicycle's frame is its adrenaline-fueled heart, and there's a variety of styles to choose from. Regardless of the materials used, a road bike will above all be lightweight, sturdy and durable. Some of the most popular frame materials are:

  • Aluminum. By far the most popular frame material, aluminum brings a lot of advantages to the table. In addition to being lightweight, it has the advantage of being very sturdy thanks to the fact that it's quite rigid at a low weight. Some premium aluminum frames will feature butted tubes, which are tapered at varying intervals to provide extra strength at stress points. Aluminum will take the punishment and ask for more.
  • Carbon fiber. Good used carbon fiber road bikes generally fetch a premium, although the price has been creeping down for years thanks to increased manufacturing yields. There are several reasons why they're so popular, especially on the resale market. For one, nothing can match the strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber, making them very durable yet incredibly lightweight. A lightweight carbon frame is a speed demon's best friend.
  • Steel. While the use of steel has dropped dramatically from its heyday, it is still used in certain custom and high-performance road bikes. Even though steel is heavier than aluminum and carbon, its strength and durability cannot be questioned, and the latest manufacturing techniques have created very lightweight steel frames. Most better quality steel frames are handmade, allowing for specific customizations. When you demand a bike strong enough to take whatever you throw its way, a steel frame may be for you.
  • Titanium has a similar stiffness to steel, although is quite a lot lighter. A main advantage over aluminum is that titanium frames are corrosion-resistant, and are easier to repair than carbon fiber frames. They tend to be more expensive, and for many riders these days without special fit needs, carbon fiber seems to be a better choice.

How to Choose the Best Second Hand Road Bike

When you've decided to pick up a road bike second hand, whether in person or online, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

First of all, know your budget, and do your homework to know what features you can get. The great thing about buying used is that you can maximize the features for the price.

As well, it's important to choose the right size. Road/racing bikes will be measured in inches or centimeters, depending on the manufacturer. Measure your inseam to ensure you pick the size that's right for you. Also, measure your current bike and compare the desired fit to the potentially new to you bike. You should consider visiting your local bike shop or bike fitter to pay for the fit service and receive exact measurements to look for.

Finally, make sure the bike you buy is of the best quality. When you're looking to buy a premium quality used road bike online, there's only one place to go. The Racery has an outstanding selection of the best second hand road racing bikes on the planet, each one having passed our rigorous 55-point inspection process before being lovingly cleaned up and reconditioned.

What's more, each one of our bikes has a story behind it. Our bikes have ridden in championship races, experienced the thrill of victory and are infused with the sweat and tears of riders past. With a used road bike from The Racery, you'll own more than just a great bike - you'll take a piece of history with you wherever you go.

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