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Spanish bike manufacturer Orbea makes some of the fastest bicycles on the planet, and Orbea time trial bikes are synonymous with speed. At its core lies the Ordu, the company's fifth-generation time trial bike.

What Makes An Orbea Time Trial Bike So Special?

Orbea has been making high-precision bikes since the 1920s, and their workmanship and attention to detail are legendary. Their time trial bikes have been regularly featured in the Tour de France, as well as the Ironman World Triathlon.

Smoothly aerodynamic, the latest Orbea time trial bikes feature an impressive airflow system called Freeflow, which helps to reduce drag around the front fork with a unique bow shape. The bikes' handling is sublime and forgiving, and it offers incredible acceleration with a highly efficient energy transfer system to the rear wheel.

The Racery offers a selection of Orbea time trial bikes that will have you moving fast when speed is of the essence.

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