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German-engineered Focus mountain bikes come in both hardtail and full-suspension to give you the ultimate riding experience regardless of the terrain.

When you buy a used Focus mountain bike from The Racery, you are buying a bike that comes with its own unique set of experiences. From powering over the trails to pulsing through the elements, our bikes have pushed the envelope and have helped their riders exceed their limits.

About Focus Mountain Bikes

Focus is passionate about their mountain bike line, and it shows. Founded by a cyclocross champion, Mike Kluge, they know what it takes to ride hard and win, and since 1992 have been designing bikes ready to tackle whatever you care to throw at them.

Their mountain bikes have ridden in several championships, including Team M.I.G., and Focus Italia. Focus was also a partner of the 2010 Tour de Suisse.

There are several Focus mountain bike models, including:

Hardtail. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Focus has hardtail mountain bikes to suit your level of experience. They feature patented Rapid Axle Technology and 27"+ wheels for maximum grip. Their models include:

  • Whistler (sport)
  • Black Forest (sport)
  • Jarifa (sport)
  • Raven (cross-country)
  • Bold (tour-trail)
  • Jarifa 129 (tour-trail)

Full-suspension. For tricky descents and challenging trails, Focus offers a line of full-suspension mountain bikes to suit any level. These bikes feature an innovative suspension system and coordinated components to help you power through the landscape. Their Full-suspension models include:

  • Focus O1E (cross-country)
  • Spine (tour-trail)
  • Vice (tour-trail)
  • Jam (all-mountain)
  • Focus SAM (Enduro)

Why Buy a Focus Mountain Bike From The Racery?

When you buy a used Focus mountain bike for sale at The Racery, you are not only saving considerably off the cost of buying new; you are getting a bike that has been thoroughly reconditioned and has passed our 55-point inspection process. You will know that you are getting the highest quality bike, one with a story to tell, for much less.

Contact us to learn how you can power through the trails on a Focus mountain bike.

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