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Enduro racing is a type of competition that features timed downhill trials and untimed uphill stages. It's incredibly fast, requires immense skill, and takes a special kind of bike. The Racery has an awesome selection of enduro mountain bikes for sale that will get your heart pounding.

What Makes Up the Best Enduro Bike?

Enduro mountain bikes are specially designed to be able to handle well on fast downhill and uphill runs on very uneven terrain. They require incredible stability and maneuverability, and should be relatively lightweight. Frames are commonly made out of aluminum, however, carbon fiber is becoming a popular choice.

Enduro bikes sport a frame geometry that lends itself to stability and a full-suspension system with enough travel to deal with the steep descents. Hydraulic disc brakes, low handlebars for leverage, reinforced tires and high-powered gearing round out the package. In short, they're extremely versatile bikes that can handle all kinds of terrain at high speed.

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