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Although Diamondback originally cut its teeth in the BMX world, they have since become synonymous with quality road bikes. Incorporating industry-leading technology while offering the smoothest of rides, Diamondback road bikes offer best-in-class technology mixed with cutting edge design.

A History of Diamondback Road Bikes

Diamondback as a company emerged on the scene in 1978 into the world of mountain bike racing, winning several championships in the early 1980s.

The company worked to develop several key new models of BMX and mountain bikes, leading the way with several innovations.

With the advent of the 1990s along with several changes in ownership, Diamondback began introducing road bikes into its inventory. Some of the flagship Diamondback road bikes included the Prevail, a design that featured thin gauge tubing for responsiveness and handling.

Now owned by Accell North America, the same company which owns the Raleigh line of bikes, Diamondback has been introducing well-engineered road bikes that in many cases are cheaper than competing models.

Current Diamondback Road Bike Models

Today, the company offers several key models.

The Century series, a set of road bikes that retail in an entry-level price point offering a good mixture of affordability and usability. These include:

Diamondback Century 1, an entry-level aluminum-framed road bike excelling in both speed and comfort. The Shimano drivetrain is perfect for long rides as well as races. It's consistently rated one of the best road bikes you can buy for under $1,000.00.

Diamondback Century 2, another economical Diamondback road bike incorporating a Shimano 105 drivetrain with 50/34 chainsets that give you multi-terrain versatility. The customizable aluminum frame makes for great weight distribution, making the Century 2 an outstanding touring bike for under $1,000.00.

Diamondback Century Sport Disc, another popular bike for under $1,000 incorporates an aluminum alloy frame making it exceptionally lightweight with good handling and control. The Shimano drivetrain provides smooth performance and is augmented by the Avid Disc brakes.

The Podium series, a set of carbon tube bicycles that promise increased aerodynamics mixed with outstanding performance. Well-engineered and made, these bikes excel on the road. They include:

Podium Equipe, the result of extensive computer modeling and wind tunnel testing that the company claims is its most aerodynamic model yet. Powered by a Shimano Dura-Ace group, the bike has won several championships including the top ranking on the Continental Circuit by the Rally Cycling pro team.

Podium Vitesse, constructed of hundreds of finely engineered carbon fiber pieces, this bike is noted to be incredibly fast with a smooth performance and operation. Internal cables lend to the aerodynamic properties of the bike and it's the perfect choice for racing.

Podium E'tape, the entry-level bike of the Podium series, the bike offers a carbon fiber frame with a tapered head tube for extra aerodynamic performance. The traditional Shimano drivetrain lends an extra smoothness to the operation, and working in conjunction with the shape delivers exceptional speed.

Why Buy Diamondback Road Bikes From The Racery

Every bike sold at The Racery comes with a story, many of which have been ridden in races and have won championships. Each bike has been through our rigorous 55-point inspection program and has been lovingly reconditioned, so you always know you'll get an outstanding ride.

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