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Used Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross racing is the ultimate mix of biking and running. Used cyclocross bikes let you traverse tracks of mud, dirt, snow, sand and pavement at high speed making for a great handling ride in every condition.

What You Should Know About Used Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross bikes are frequently mistaken for road bikes due to the similarities in style. However, cyclocross bikes have a lot of unique features that make them perfectly suited to challenging conditions. Specifically:

  • Relaxed frame geometry:
    Cyclocross bikes feature a frame geometry with more accommodating angles. This has the effect of making them more comfortable compared to road bikes, and the angles of the bike help with shock absorption.
  • Increased clearance:
    A cyclocross bike frame will offer more clearance than a road bike, which is advantageous when it comes to powering through mud or if you want to use fenders, etc. in challenging weather conditions.
  • Tires:
    Cyclocross tires feature different tread patterns and extra width so that they'll have a tight grip on slippery surfaces such as grass, dirt, and sand.
  • Brakes:
    Since the unique cyclocross tires won't fit in traditional caliper brakes, these bikes usually feature either cantilever, disc brakes or V-brakes.
  • Gearing:
    The majority of cyclocross bikes feature a double chainset in a 46/36 tooth configuration, as well as a wide range cassette. This setup allows cyclocross racers to deal with the multitude of conditions they encounter. However, some manufacturers are moving toward a single ring in order to reduce weight, to simplify and speed up shifting, and eliminate shifting errors.

Similar to road bikes, cyclocross bikes have started to trend towards carbon fiber frames, with weight being a prime issue for this style of bike. As carbon fiber offers one of the best strength to weight ratios, they are a great choice for a cyclocross bike frame. These bikes are also manufactured with aluminum, steel and titanium frames.

Cyclocross bikes combine a unique geometry and customized parts to create the ultimate in bicycle versatility. They're specially created to speed through all kinds of conditions, in all types of weather. A good cyclocross bike will race through and fly over any type of surface, and be light enough to carry and run with over obstacles. Fast, efficient and rugged, cyclocross bikes can do it all.

Why You Should Buy A Used Cyclocross Bike From Us

Second hand cyclocross bikes offer something unique that new models can't: they've been there. They've ridden through the mud, powered through sand, and have been carried on a rider's shoulders. These bikes have been through challenging conditions and have come back for more.

All of our bikes have been lovingly reconditioned and subjected to our 55-point inspection plan, so they're of the highest quality.

When you buy a new or used cyclocross bike from The Racery, you'll be riding your way to victory.

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