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Argon 18 is a Canadian bicycle company built on the foundation of using cutting-edge technology to create some of the world's best bikes. Argon 18 road bikes incorporate aerodynamic shapes mixed with leading components to produce road bikes that are consistently raced by championship teams.

Popular Argon 18 Road Bikes

The company was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1989 by former rider Gerard Rioux. The company produces high-end bikes incorporating carbon fiber frames and proprietary technology such as their signature ONEness concept.

Their road bikes have been a popular choice among championship riders, most notably the bike of choice for team Astana for the WorldTour circuit. Argon 18 road bikes swept the field at both the German Championships and Czech TT Championships in 2015.

Argon 18 has several popular models, all at the more expensive end of the pricing scale.

The Gallium series is, according to the company website, "a benchmark for comfort, stability, and maneouverability...famous for its flawless handling". The smooth aerodynamics and lightweight frames make it a quintessential road racing bike.

The series includes:

Gallium, featuring a single-piece carbon frame for optimal rigidity, the bike is ideal for riding long distances and features smooth acceleration and performance. It features the Press-Fit 3D System with three head tube heights, size-specific geometry, and a perfect balance.

Gallium Pro, an incredibly light bike designed for climbing that provides enormous stability while riding downhill. Featuring a reversible carbon seat post, Press-Fit 3D handlebar system, and optimal balancing, it further offers the ultimate in positional control for mountainous terrains.

Gallium Pro Disc, a disc brake racing road bike that the company calls "the most balanced bike ever created by Argon 18". Very lightweight and aerodynamically designed thanks to the carbon fiber tubing, the Gallium Pro Disc is one of the fastest bikes out on the circuit.

The Krypton series of road bikes takes the best features of the Gallium series and adds several improvements. Models in the series include:

Krypton, the flagship bike of the series offers a new carbon fiber frame construction over the Gallium series and has an outstanding rigidity to weight ratio. Exquisite weight and balance lead to it being an incredibly versatile bike that excels at high speed.

Krypton Xroad, an upgrade on the base Krypton model that is more suitable for multiple terrains. The carbon fiber tube provides the requisite amount of stiffness yet it's light enough to perform well. The ride is silky smooth thanks to the disc brakes and adapted AFS geometry.

Premier Used Argon 18 Road Bikes

The Racery offers premier used Argon 18 road bikes for sale, many of which have a unique story to tell. Some of our bikes may have been ridden in championships, having enjoyed the taste of victory.

When you buy an Argon 18 road bike from us, you're getting a bike that has been through our rigorous 55-point inspection process and has been thoroughly reconditioned.

You'll save money versus buying it new and get a great bike in the process.

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