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54 cm Road Bikes

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Built for traveling at high speed on paved roads, road bikes are so much fun to ride. They’re a perfect fit for a variety of types of riding, from racing to casual in-town cycling. Road bikes are perfectly designed for optimal traveling on paved roads while minimizing friction from the road.

Why buy a 54cm road bike from The Racery?

First, one of the most important things about buying a used bike is making sure it’s the right size. To figure out your bike size, all you have to do is measure your inseam. To do this, stand with your feet six inches apart and measure up to your public bone from the inside of your foot.

If your inseam measured 54cm, then great! You are all set to put some miles on one of our used 54cm road bike models. All of our bikes are thoroughly refurbished and put through our 55-point inspection program to make sure they are the highest quality for our customers. Browse our selection of used 54cm road bikes for sale below and get to riding.

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