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Sunday, Monday, Rainy days.

It has been raining here in Minneapolis constantly for the past two weeks. It reminded me of my days living in Portland... Yuck. While it is true that Minnesotans can endure the harsh winters, many of us cannot deal with cold rain. A bad case of cabin fever ensued over the weeks and we needed to get out even if it meant getting wet and boy did we get wet...
In Minneapolls if it rains it means the MORC (Minnesota Off Road Cycling) trails are closed. Chass and I decided we wanted to get rad on our mountain bikes so that meant we had to find the "unsanctioned" trails to ride. These trails are seldom maintained and require a lot of ducking under tree branches and threading the needle between tree trunks. We cant complain if it means we can ride dirt when its wet.
We left the shop in Chass' handsome Volvo wagon adorned with bikes worth more than the car (Rule #25), drove a few miles down the road, parked and started riding. But to get where we were going we had to cross a few flooded paths. The first section was easy to cross some what of a large puddle. However the second section of flooded path just got deeper and deeper until our bottom brackets were submerged. It was worth it to descend the bluff to the lake. 
With our raddness meters still in the yellow We found some logs to gap over in a narrow section of trail. That lead us to the underpass descent that only Chass was brave enough to ride. With his BMX skills dialed Chass flowed down the drop while I walked and we rode back to the car through the flooded paths satisfied of our rainy day adventure.

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