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Christian's 1991 Trek 2300 Pro

This bicycle was conceived around the same time that I was. Bikes from the 90's will always have a special place in my heart. This bike started as just a frame that I bought from someone for sixty bucks. I had seen this frame around town in some unfortunate single speed conversions but I still loved the look of the high-vis splatter and the early carbon tubing. When I saw the frame for sale in my size I jumped at the chance to own one. 
I wanted to build this one right, or as right as I could on a budget. Luckily my friend Morgan had a Shimano 600 groupset sitting in his garage unused, he even threw in the turbo world champ saddle. There was one problem though, he didn't have any matching brake leavers... 
Part of me didn't want this bike to have drop bars anyways. I knew going into the project that someday the carbon bonding would come apart and the bike would be toast. I decided to make it a town cruiser and after a successful garage sale I scored a pair of Noah's Arc bars with leavers.
I have been riding this bike for a few years now and I love it! I have had no problems with the tubing separating (knock on wood). I believe theres no such thing as a wall hanger. Go and ride your bikes, no matter how old. 

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