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Sea Otter: Day One

triathlon review
By Devon Palmer. 
Observations from a recovering triathlete:
  • Mountain bikes come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Did you know some people just ride a bike down a hill and call it a sport? Where is the endurance? No transitions? Do they even know their functional threshold power? Is it even biking if gravity does all the work?
  • Mountain bikes are actually very cool.
mountain bike triathlon
There is something called cyclocross which is like a crit but someone forgot to get road permits so the course runs around squiggly, off-road laps of a park.
cyclocross bike triathlon
Circuit races on race car tracks are THE COOLEST!

circuit bike race
Joking aside, it was amazing to be immersed in all types of cycling. At one event we got to see downhill races, a pump track, a circuit race on the Laguna Seco speedway, a cyclocross race, and mountain bike racing. Sea Otter showcases how many incredible disciplines there are within the sport of cycling.
cyclocross race
Our focus was surveying the finest bikes of each discipline - we got to see the top of the line bikes from the best brands in the industry.
cool used bikes
I had an eye out for innovation in gravel bikes. Gravel riding is blowing up, especially in Minnesota, and I am keen to see which brands create the great bikes for the job. Full disclosure, I am participating in many gravel rides myself in 2016 so I want to see what kinds of bikes are out there. Many brands already have a gravel specific models.
gravel riding bikes
Litespeed's T5 Gravel caught my eye as a titanium option and Santa Cruz had an extremely colorful model that looked terrific. I am eager to see what we can get in stock for The Racery!

used bikes the racery

One of the other fun things we saw was Confidis star Nancer Bouhani's Orbea Orca - he rides a super long and super low stem.

used pro bikes

We've seen 140mm stems before but never at an angle like this!

 By Devon Palmer, The Racery Sales manager and recovering pro triathelete

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